MACW received a call about a dog that’s in trouble, the people who reported the incident heard the cries of a dog in distress. MACW responded. It was dark already and took some time to find a way into the dense bushes. Once inside we started searching for the animal in distress. After about 40min we found the animal 50m into the overgrown bush.

macw night rescue 1

Not knowing the full extent of his injuries we took no chances and approached the animal with caution. At first we inspected the wire snare from a distance while talking to and comforting the animal. After a while both JK and the animal started trusting each other and went on to the next level.

Macw night rescue 2

The animal was completely tied up, the wire snare was twisted twice around the left back leg & hips. After a quick assessment of the damage done JK decided that it would l be okay to cut lose the wire snare as there were no deep cuts or any serious injuries. The snare was cut from the tree and animal.

macw night rescue 3

After about 20 min the animal was wrapped up and ready to be carried out. Took some time to work our way trough the dense bushes but it was worth all the effort.

We loaded the animal onto the bakkie and proceeded home. The poor dog was totally dehydrated. We gave him some rescue remedy and water. He was so weak he could not even sit up to drink. After an hour we gave him some mince and pellets and a warm bed to sleep in.

macw night rescue 4

We are glad to announce that (Rover) is doing very well. He had 4 proper meals and is well on the way to a full recovery. We will keep everyone updated on progress made .

macw night rescue 6


macw night rescue 5