MACW was joined by Unigrad students on Friday 28 February. Together we managed to remove 67 snares in 4 hours. We discovered the scene where a porcupine was caught a day or two before, we did not manage to find the carcass. We heard a suspected poacher calling another one, after they were alarmed by the radios we used in our operation. We continued our search, determined to take out as many snares possible. The bushes were so dense in some places, we had to leopard crawl for more than 450m. We managed to track the last position of the poachers and found 10 snares left behind, neatly prepared to be set. Our time ran out and on the way back to the main house we saw fresh tracks heading into the bush. We investigated and found the remains of a porcupine that was slaughtered. We would like to thank each and everyone for donating their time to help fight the senseless killings of our free roaming wild life. We would also like to thank Active Electronics for sponsoring MACW field radios, keeping us connected when we need it most.

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