Mpumalanga animal crime watch is a registered NPC. Reg 2015/267334/08. Since 2012

Please feel free to donate towards our cause. Any amount or equipment will enable us to be more successful in our fight against poaching and rescuing animals in need. Please feel free to contact MACW . Jaco Klopper 079 349 2182

Banking details:

Mpumalanga Animal Crime Watch

Nedbank Cheque Account

Account Number: 1122124406

Branch: Riverside Mall

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This is the official MACW Wishlist. These are items we need to use in our rescues and when we do clearings. We often operate in dense bushes and need to clear the way to effectively clear all areas of snares and other harmfull objects.

The Go Pro Hero 3 camera 

We currently use a still picture camera to record our missions. Our goal is to put together video clips to showcase and educate the public about snaring and other crimes against animals. The Go Pro Hero 3 is water resistant and has awesome features.

LED Lenzer Head Lights

We have done night rescues and these head lamps will help us a great deal. When searching for any animal at night, proper lighting is essential. We are currently using normal LED torches. The problem with this is that we need to break through dense bushes and need both hands to do so. With a rescue kit on the back, a torch in one hand and a jungle to face it makes a night rescue one of the hardest and most dangerous rescues. We need a total of two LED Lenzer Head Lights. When we do a search and rescue it usually takes three people: two in the bush and one at the base.

Fold-up Shovel

This is one tool that we can’t go with out. It is compact and will fit in our rescue back pack. When one enters the dense bushes, one needs to be prepared for any situation. One can not turn around after a 60 min search in pitch black darkness to go get a shovel in case you need a shovel.

Compact fold-up Stretcher 

When we rescued Rover he was completely dehydrated. We covered him with a blanket and carried him out in our arms. If Rover had serious injuries, there was no way that we could have carried him like that. So by not having a Compact Stretcher it would have been a terrible ordeal to get him out to safety .

Pocket Pangas

Breaking through bushes without proper tools is a dangerous & very difficult task. These will help us not just during rescues but every time we do clearings .

First Aid Kit

This is a must. We sometimes enter places that’s not accessible. We force ourselves through. We get thorns right through our shoes and cuts and bruises. Its wild and dangerous. You never know when or where you will need a Medic Kit.

Pocket Axes

When clearing an area most of the snares are tied to Lantanas and other invader plants. By just cutting of the snare we do not remove the problem. The poachers usually return to use the same plant. By having a Pocket Axes we can totally eradicate the problems by chopping of the invaders.

Leather Gloves

This is to protect our hands when dealing with anti poaching and snares. They use cables and the ends are a major risk. If the poacher who sets the snares are HIV positive or have hepatitis and gets pricked by the loose ends, it could be transmitted to the volunteer through an open wound. Just the sheer thought of this makes my skin crawl. There is also a risk of contracting Tetanus.

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